EFP (Eavesdrop on Foster Parents): Overheard at a Judicial Review Hearing

“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!”

“No, we can not trade the puppy for Elmo.”

“Please stop trying to turn your brothers into unicorns.”

Every parent (and mommy blog) talks about the things we say as parents that we never thought we would – but that now make perfect sense.

The world of foster parenting demands a whole new level of absurdity.

But you don’t have to take my word for it! I’m giving you a chance to Eavesdrop on Foster Parents!


EFP is our compilation of perfectly-rational, completely-ridiculous conversations – overheard in foster parent groups, court proceedings, team meetings, visits and more.

Overheard at a Judicial Review Hearing:

No, Your Honor, I have never intentionally given any child lice or ringworm – or any parasite, for that matter.
~~Foster mom’s response to bio-mom’s allegation (in open court) that the foster family must be purposely giving her child lice and ringworm since the child was “infested” every time bio-mom saw him, even though she treated and cured it at every.single.visit. 
(Note that, aside from the initial go-round with lice when child first came into care – 
while bio-mom was incarcerated, no one else EVER saw any evidence of lice OR ringworm)


I know you’ve got some doozies — they don’t have to be foster-care related. Give ’em to me in the comments!

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