EFP (Eavesdrop on Foster Parents): Overheard on the Foster Parent Support Board

“Wow, I love your mini van.”

“Get your sword & hit him back.”

“Bend over. Let me sniff your butt.”

Every parent (and mommy blog) talks about the things we say as parents that we never thought we would – but that now make perfect sense.

But the world of foster parenting introduces a whole new dimension of ridiculous. I’ve decided to start compiling the gems I hear/read in foster parent groups, court hearings, team meetings, etc.

Overheard on the Foster Parent Support Board:

If birth mom shows up for a meth hair test with freshly bleached hair – will that affect the results? What if she is clean-shaven *everywhere* else?


I know you’ve got some doozies to share. Give ’em to me in the comments!

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