Prayer Requests

I’ve decided to start hosting a weekly prayer request list. Each Sunday I will create a new post here and on facebook  Please add your prayer request either here in the comments, or comment on the facebook post. I’m going to do my best to keep both locations updated with all requests.

You can see my daily “foster mom’s prayer” here.

I’ll get us started with specific requests:

  • I ask you to pray that Lady Bug’s transition continue to go smoothly.
  • Please also pray that Squirm’s bio-dad would realize that dragging out the TPR process is not in Squirm’s best interest, and that random relatives do not decide to needlessly drag the process out any further.
  • Please pray that the Lord’s will for Squish be revealed to us – ideally sooner rather than later.
  • Please pray for my friend who has just learned that her foster daughter will be moving to family members in 3 weeks.
  • Finally, please pray for all foster parents – that we are all granted strength and compassion and wisdom to continue our quest to save even a single starfish.
From Debi on facebook:
  1. 1.My nephew Houston Mitchell was hit by a car Aug 20th. He has multiple fractures and a traumatic brain injury. He is coming out of his coma but still has lots of healing to do. Currently he is agitated much of the time and keeps pulling out his feeding tube.
  2. 2. Our 11 year old son passed away suddenly March 25 and our family is still devastated. He had accepted Jesus as his savior so we have that hope of Heaven but how do you get used to the sun not being in the sky?


  1. Thank Him For The Small Things

    As a new foster mom in waiting… my current prayer is that God will give us the tools that we need to be able to help the kiddos that He is soon to be sending out way. That we can help God to heal their hearts, and help pick up the pieces after their lives have been flipped upside down. I actually just posted about this very thing on my blog, before I read your post.

  2. Cori

    We are providing kinship care for a 2 year old on my husband’s side of the family. We will be able to petition for adoption on October 1st. Now that we have been introduced to the world of foster care, I really feel like this could be my life’s calling but I have 3 teenage bio children and our new little guy to take into account. My husband has reservations about our home’s physical capacity for other children and our ability to let them go again emotionally. Selfishly, I just want to go ahead but I’m praying that God will soften their hearts to this journey our family will go on or that He will find a way for me to be alright with not pursuing this and will instead show His will for me in another area. Thank you!!

  3. D. Paul

    Please pray for a baby boy currently in the NICU suffering from detoxing plus respiratory problems.
    Please also pray for a financial blessing for my husband and I to continue fostering infants. The price of home heating oil … we usually keep the house a frigid 63 degrees but when we get a baby of course we have to crank it up.
    I will pray for all of your littles, especially Lady Bug. Transitioning can be so heart wrenching for foster parents, so I’m praying for you too.


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