Special Prayer Request

If you don’t read Cherub Mamma’s blog, you should. But whether you do or not, please join me in lifting up her special prayer request:

Cherub Mamma’s PRAYER REQUEST:
It is very, very unlikely that the cherubs will have a legal need to return to my care. The situation in Dallas is one of subtle neglect – nothing that CPS will ever catch. There of course is the danger that they could get mixed up in the middle of drugs and/or gangs. But I truly believe that Grandma N does TRY to keep the kids safe.

My prayer is that the therapist that is put into place in Dallas is a good one. I need for Dude and Dolly to HONESTLY get to process through all they’ve had to endure. Dude needs to know that his anger is OK but he can’t hang on to it forever. Dolly needs to know that this is not her fault.

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