How Squirm Hit the 18-month Mark with a Thump

The Twins turned 18 months yesterday and I guess Squirm decided I didn’t make a big enough deal about it and decided to add a little excitement to the yesterday evening. Spoiler alert: other than a little sleep deprivation, everyone is okay 😉

About 7 pm last night, Squirm opted to get an early start on his Olympic Gymnast career and attempted a vault off my couch. Which ended with the back of his head colliding with my TILE floor. I didn’t see him fall, but I heard him land and knew that one was going to leave a mark. OUCH!

This is definitely not the first time someone has launched themselves head-first into the floor – I only take infants and toddlers after all. Following SOP, I pick him up to comfort him, ideally before he punctures anyone’s eardrums. And he pukes all over us both. CRAP! Now I have a head injury with vomiting. At bedtime. CRAP!
I go get myself ready to travel and maybe spend the night in the ER and consult with the pediatrician and some friends on which Pediatric ER is the best while SuperDad gets Squirm ready to travel and tries to convince Squish to go to bed even though he is clearly being left behind while Squirm gets an adventure.

Our pediatrician said I could choose between Florida Hospital’s Disney Pavilion and Arnold Palmer, because she wanted him seen somewhere that would have a Pediatric Neurosurgeon on duty.

So… long story short(ish?), he’s fine. They evaluated him and observed him for a couple of hours, during which he was dancing and climbing and flirting and trying to push every single button he saw…

For what it’s worth, I really liked the Disney Pavilion. The doc was great – I just love good pediatricians – you know, the ones that obviously love kids and have oodles more patience than me!

The Pediatric ER has a separate waiting room that was designed from the ground-up to be child-friendly. Squirm’s favorite features were a couple of cool light walls that kept him entertained for a bit, and I loved that the waiting room was fully enclosed so I could let him wander a little, without worrying that he would get into something or escape.

I was also impressed with the treatment room – in addition to a TV (that we didn’t use, but it was nice to have the option), they had a system that projected scenes onto the wall at the foot of the bed – we cycled between animated underwater, sky, and jungle scenes and videos of a South American beach and the Australian Outback – there was also a large recessed light above the bed that changed color to coordinate with the scene being projected on the wall – and you can even change the colors of the walls themselves. They also had a large en-suite restroom, big enough to take Squirm in with me, which was a very nice touch that I never would have considered.



    What an awesome ER! One would expect nothing less from “the happiest place on earth!” Might as well be happy when you are sick, too!

    1. Duck Mommy

      It was really great, all things considered. Oh! and I almost forgot, the neurologist talked to Squirm in a Donald Duck voice to when he got shy!


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