Mother Goose Speaks – Spend the Holidays with ALL your kids!

I have a special treat for y’all this Thanksgiving Week!! I finally convinced my mentor, Mother Goose to do a guest post for me!

As I sit here tonight surrounded by my goslings, I am so ready for the holiday season. We are eating turkey this week (but no rolls due my weight loss journey with Duck Mommy) and everyone at my house is excited. I always decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving and I can’t wait! 

The trifecta of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is my favorite time of year. The house smells wonderful from baking, and the TV is constantly showing a new must-have toy and everyone’s list continues to grow! It’s a cliché, but giving is much more fulfilling than receiving.

Papa Goose and I have been foster parents for over 15 years. We have fostered more than 150 Littles! Our house is always a busy place and that’s just how I love it. Our house is not quiet or spotless; sometimes the kids stay up too late and sometimes go to bed without a bath. We are far from perfect parents, BUT our house is a home full of love.

We don’t see skin color in our home – when you break a white egg and a brown egg are they different inside? The big thing is we don’t see foster either. Our kids are our kids. I love them with all my heart (especially the ones who are hardest to love). When my 10-year-old biological daughter was about 2, she was certain that our licensing councilor was her caseworker. She was convinced that L came each month just to see her!

One day we were cleaning up from lunch and she asked me, “Mom, where are my other mom and dad?”
I giggled and said, “We are your mom and dad.”
She looked perplexed and said, “NO, MY MOM AND DAD BEFORE YOU!”
She thought she was a foster child! So I thought: well, I’m doing it right!

I can’t imagine a Christmas without kids. The excitement of a child’s eyes when they get up in the morning and Santa has brought them presents! Even more I can’t stomach the thought of a foster child spending Christmas away from their foster family.

I know you’re asking yourself why any child would be away from their foster family???

Unfortunately, some foster parents ask for respite over holidays and even birthdays. Yes, I have had a respite child at my house on their 1st birthday and guess what: the other foster family didn’t even bother to tell me it was his birthday!

I clearly have a huge problem with this. I just don’t believe that we should be allowed to ask for respite over Christmas OR Birthdays. I know people want to spend Christmas with family out-of-town, but take your kids (all of them) with you. Please. Or if you really can’t, then put on your big girl panties and go a few days after the holiday. Are you going to have any less fun with people on the 27th of December?

Imagine your whole family goes on a cruise, your parents pay for all your siblings’ families to go but not yours. Imagine how that would feel as an adult. Now multiply that feeling by a thousand, because these kids are already feeling crappy about the holiday because it’s the first, or fifth, or fifteenth holiday they are spending away from their family of origin, with a foster family they may not know very well or trust. And then they’re just dropped off – like dry cleaning or the mail – unimportant and definitely other. Other family, other child, just other, not a part of your family. No child deserves to be treated this way EVER, but especially not during the holidays.

If you’re Christian, would Jesus have sent anyone away? Because that’s what this holiday is really about, right? Celebrating his birth? I think he would have gathered all those orphans together and shared what he had, and if Mary and Joseph wanted him to come for dinner, well he would pack all those kiddos up and head on over!

So please love all your kids. Give them a great big hug and have a wonderful holiday season together!

Much love and happiness,
Mother Goose

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