What I’m Most Thankful for This November

Obviously I’m thankful for SuperDad and my boys and my (new) church and my friends and my mentor and my job… and my health…

But what I’m MOST THANKFUL for? That my God knows better than me. That He loves me enough to ignore me. That He is benevolent enough and wise enough to disregard what I think and show me His will for my life – in all it’s magnificent abundant glory.

Yep, as clichéd as it is, I am most thankful this November for Unanswered Prayers.

The last few days I have been working on our Adoption Applications for Squirm and Squish. (Don’t get excited, this is just the next step in the process. We are still a long way from calling The Twins permanent members of the family.) Part of this step is another homestudy – this one for adoption, as opposed to foster care. I really can’t see the difference between the two, we have to answer almost the exact same questions we answered for our foster care homestudy. But I’m told it’s all required to adopt, so here we go again into the paperwork rabbit hole. In there interest of efficiency (and consistency, tbh), I tracked down my original licensure packet to see how we answered the in-depth background questions the first time. I had completely forgotten some of the questions asked.

Imagine that today is the day you are going to meet the child or children who will be placed in your home. Please describe this child: age, sex, personality, appearance, family background, siblings, etc.” I couldn’t help but laugh when I read our responses:

SuperDad’s answer: A two-year-old little girl; Quiet and shy, dark hair and eyes.

My answer: A healthy Caucasian newborn girl 

I checked and re-checked. There was no mention of a gorgeous biracial boy with riotous curls, station-wagon-sized dimples and contagious giggles. In all of our deliberation, we never considered an adorable blonde scalawag with blue-gray eyes and our hearts wrapped around his little mischievous fingers.

So as I trudge through this paperwork, I am most thankful for a God who loves me enough to ignore me.

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