Blog status update (updated)

First, I need to apologize for my recent inattention. In the course our foster license renewal, I learned something that put me, honestly, at a loss for words. Here are the important points:

    • I’m not in trouble.
    • I’m not shutting down my blog
    • I’m not going to significantly change the way I blog, but I may try out a little tact here and there (maybe).
The short version (which is actually all you’re going to get):

Evidently, a local foster parent read a post about a case manager that was less than flattering and took exception to what I said. Rather than approach me, either personally or through the blog contact options, this person decided the best course of action was to report me to the powers that be. 
For better or worse, I haven’t kept my blog a secret from the people who know me in real life. In fact, I’ve discussed it’s existence, if not necessarily it’s content, with at least one case manager. I’ve mentioned it to various and assorted foster parents. I’ve occasionally shared a link here and there on the local foster parent support group facebook page. My intent has always been to write as though anyone could read it at any time, so I’ve never worried about anyone at CPC “discovering” it. 
While I have a very strong suspicion, I don’t know for sure who “turned me in”. I do know for sure who it wasn’t, and that was the important part for me.
I will continue blogging, but between working out what, if any, changes I need to make; having a newborn and two *very* active toddlers; and being a full-time (plus) CPA at the start of tax season; I probably won’t be blogging as frequently as I’d prefer. 
Bear with me, though. This experience alone has given me two great post ideas that will practically type themselves. That is, if I can find time between tax returns and bedtime stories to sit down at a computer long enough to complete a thought.
If you haven’t yet, you’ll find several options in the upper left-hand corner of the blog to be notified when I post something new.
In closing, I’ll say this: 

I’m pretty passionate and opinionated about foster care, foster kids and foster parenting. I am the tiniest bit sarcastic. I have never been accused of sugar-coating my thoughts or pulling any punches. None of this is going to change. This isn’t the first time I’ve offended someone with my fierce honesty, and it won’t be the last. My intent is never to hurt feelings, but it’s going to happen. If you have an issue with something I say, I’ll suggest two grown-up options for you:

      1. Talk to ME about it.
      2. Stop reading.
Edited to add:
For anyone interested, I’ve decided on my new strategy:
  1. Going forward I’m not going to mention it to people in my local area. I can’t help if they find it, but I’m not going to be as quick to offer it as a resource to people who know me personally. 
  2. I’m no longer going to share ANY details with other foster parents outside of my close, trusted circle. I know who it was. I can’t get confirmation, which I understand, but I know who it was. And I won’t make the mistake again of thinking that person is a friend.

Edited (again) to add:
I have changed direction a bit. I’ve moved to Starfish Confidential and decided to focus on foster parent advocacy and education, rather than discussing details of my actual cases (which is good, since my only current case is not at interesting…). This also means that anonymity is no longer necessary. One thing that I have really taken to heart from this particular experience, which I expect to blog more about in the future, is this: be very, very careful what you share and with whom you share. People are not your friend just because they happen to show an interest. And people sometimes have weird motivations…. 

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