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I’ve been thinking recently about all the comments we all get all the time – and how I wish I just had a standard response in my back pocket.

I guess I need two standard responses ~~ one sarcastic (because, duh), and one positive and graceful in case I feel open to discussing my family and the commenter seems to be coming from a positive place.

And I realized that I have brilliant readers who get THE.SAME.COMMENTS. So we’re going to do this together (I hope).

First, let’s come up with a list of the comments we get and for which we’d like to have a good response.

Once we have a good list, we’ll tackle them one at a time:
  1. I’ll do something witty/sarcastic to let you know which question we’re working on.
  2. You come up with responses to the question ~ either witty/sarcastic or positive and grace-filled, or both. 🙂
  3. I’ll figure out a way to make a contest out of it ~ with prizes and everything!!
So I think the best way to do this is for everyone to post their responses on facebook ~ that way other readers can “Like” which comments they agree with ~ this will tell me which one we should tackle first (it will also be the basis for the contest). 😉
So head over to the facebook post to give me your suggestions for comments/questions that you wish you had an automatic standard response in your back pocket. (Don’t be shy, there will be prizes involved!)
To be clear ~ I am only looking for the comments/questions themselves right now – save your responses for later.

It has recently come to my attention that not all of my readers can easily tell when I’m being sarcastic. That is truly unfortunate, so finding a solution was imperative. ^Obviously, the easiest answer is to assume that if something can be read with sarcasm, it should be;^; but that’s not really workable, I guess. After reviewing several options for a “sarcasm font”, I’ve come up up with my own system. Whenever you see italics inside carrots (^snark^), that is my “sarcasm font”.

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