I want to hear YOUR story

November is National Adoption Awareness Month 
and I want to hear YOUR story!!

share your story!

For something a little different this month, I want to feature how adoption has touched you, my lovely readers.

I’m going to leave this pretty wide open — anything adoption-related, from anyone who has been touched by adoption —

A few possible examples (but certainly not exhaustive):

  • the day you met your adopted or to-be-adopted child
  • how you talk to your child about their adoption and/or birth family
  • how you wish your parents had talked to you about your adoption and/or birth family
  • why/how/when you hope to adopt
  • the day you met your or your child’s adoptive or birth family
  • how adoption has touched your family
  • how/why you decided to make an adoption plan
  • things you wished you’d known before/during/after adopting/making the decision to adopt
  • why you chose an open or closed adoption
  • how/why you chose your child’s adoptive family
  • how you maintain or create connection with birth families
  • what it is/was like having adoptive siblings
  • why you’ve chosen not to have contact with your or your child’s birth family
  • how you support or hope to support adoptees, adoptive families, or birth families
  • things you wished you’d known before/during/after deciding to make an adoption plan
  • basically anything adoption-related, from anyone who has been touched by adoption

I will edit for grammar, spelling, etc, and I’ll be happy to send you the edited version before posting, if you wish.

Message me on facebook, or send an email to Jamie @ StarfishConfidential dot com. Please include any pictures you’d like me to use, and feel free to give use pseudonyms or nicknames. Let me know if you’d like to see the edited post before it goes live.

Hint: It has recently come to my attention that not all of my readers can easily tell when I’m being sarcastic. That is truly unfortunate, so finding a solution was imperative. ^Obviously, the easiest answer is to assume that if something can be read with sarcasm, it should be;^; but that’s not really workable, I guess. After reviewing several options for a “sarcasm font”, I’ve come up up with my own system. Whenever you see italics inside carrots (^snark^), that is my “sarcasm font”.

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