How to Join a Link Up

If you’re new to blogging, joining a link up may seem a little intimidating. It’s actually very simple and here’s an easy step-by-step guide to joining the #AdoptionTalk Link Up!

Write a Blog Post

Write a post just as you normally would. If the link up has a topic (click here for the #AdoptionTalk schedule) then write about the topic question. If there is no topic, write about anything you like. 

Add the Button to Your Post

Though not required, the button lets your readers know about the link up, which helps to grow the link up. To add it, just paste this HTML into the TEXT (not visual) section of your post. If you are one of the kind souls who does add the button, I thank you in advance.

Starfish Confidential #AdoptionTalk

Publish Your Post

Just hit that publish button as you normally would. Now your post is live on your own blog, right?

Copy Your URL

The easiest way to do this is to open your post up in a page and just hit copy (CTRL C or Apple C) up at the top where the URL is. You want to make sure you copy the posts URL and not the blogs URL.

Head Over to the Blog “Hosting” the Link Up

Starfish Confidential | No Bohns About It | Joyful Journey
Ripped Jeans & Bifocals | Our Journey to You

Add Your Link

Scroll down to the link up section. You will likely see a few thumbnails of posts from others who have already added their links. Hit the blue “Add Your Link” button:

Step-by-Steps instructions to join a Link Up
You should be transferred to a new page that looks like this:

Paste the URL you previously copied into the link section.

Inlinkz should then be able to read what your post is titled. You can edit this if you want it to say something different.

If Inlinkz gives you an error message, make sure you properly pasted the posts URL.

Inlinkz should also automatically select a picture if you have one in your post. If you have multiple images, you can select which one you want in the “Image Source” section. If you don’t have one, it is best to hit “Upload” and pick some kind of image so that it isn’t blank. Blog logos work great.

Hit the blue “Done” button and that’s it! Your link is added. Now you can head back to the link up and read some great stuff linked by other bloggers!

A few things to consider:

1) Link up early. Most people mingle right after they post. So if you want your post read, try to add it earlier rather than later. The #AdoptionTalk Link Up goes live at 6am EST on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.
2) Try to read and comment on at least one other post. The point of a link up is to mingle and meet other bloggers. PLUS, if you leave comments for others, they are more likely to comment on yours.
3) Be respectful of others. Adoption can be a sensitive subject, and opinions may differ from your own. Please be respectful to everyone.
4) Everyone is welcome. Adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, experts, foster care givers, those currently in the process. Anyone with a connection is welcome.
6) Follow Your Hosts.

Jamie @ Starfish Confidential | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
@ No Bohns About It | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Jenni @ Joyful Journey Mom | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest
Jill @ Ripped Jeans & Bifocals | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Madeleine @ Our Journey to You Adoption Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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