#AdoptionTalk: Lessons in Transracial Parenting

In the adoption community, we are what's known as a "conspicuous family" I'm still new to this Transracial Parenting thing. But I'm learning.

Thanks, once again, to Jamie Lee Creativity for our amazing Forever Day photos!

In the adoption community, we are what’s known as a “conspicuous family”. When you see us together, it’s pretty quickly obvious that we’re not all biologically related. 

We didn’t set out to become transracial adoptive parents. We got a call about a baby that needed a family, and we had one to give him. I’ve read a few essays about how if you don’t meet certain wickets, you have no business becoming a transracial parent. I won’t link any, because they actually kind of piss me off. They are a big part of the reason that I spent so much time and emotional energy doubting whether I deserved to be Squirm’s mommy.

And if I had listened to those people, I wouldn’t be his mommy. And that would be very, very sad.

Luckily, though, I didn’t listen. I’m still new to this Transracial Parenting business. But I’m learning. And I will be good enough – I have to, because I AM his mommy.

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  1. Jill

    I like the term “conspicuous family”. I have never heard that before. Love the family picture!

    1. Jamie Nestrick (Post author)

      Thank you! This is another shot from Squirm’s Forever Day. I cannot stress highly enough the value of having a great photographer for that day!!

      I wanted to use a pic of the kids, but The Daddy Guy was adamant that without the two us in the picture, you don’t get the full picture of just how conspicuous we are… Even the blonde is pretty conspicuously adopted, in my opinion.

  2. Mama Bear

    Just goes to show how there are “rules” in adoption, all for good reason, but sometimes they are meant to be broken!

    1. Jamie Nestrick (Post author)

      Absolutely they are! My family seems to be a daily contradiction of all those “rules”!!

  3. Lori Lavender Luz

    I do think some people are naturally adept at meeting such challenges, and it sounds like you are one of those. If I never did anything until I was totally prepared to, well, I’d be a slug.
    Lori Lavender Luz recently posted…Happiness vs ContentmentMy Profile

    1. Jamie Nestrick (Post author)

      Thank you. I think you are probably right.

      I think if I was going to make one of those “you shouldn’t adopt if…” rules, it would be that if you’re not willing to adapt and stretch as a person – and tap dance outside your comfort zone, you should maybe re-examine your desire to adopt or foster. But that’s certainly not limited to fostering or adopting transracially…


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