Foster Family Holiday Hurdles – Halloween

It’s no secret that foster parenting is hard. What non-foster families often don’t realize is how EVERY.PART.OF.LIFE. is more complicated when you’re a foster parent.

Case in point: Halloween costumes.

Let me just say that I realize it’s barely September and a little early to be talking about Halloween costumes, but thanks to foster care, I have to start thinking about it now.

I LOVE themed Halloween costumes. As a kid, I always envied the families that had coordinated costumes, and now it’s something I love to do with my kids. But…. Foster Care. Since I never know what size my family will be from one week to the next, I have to carefully consider appropriate themes each year.

The theme has to be expandable, in case I get another placement between now and Halloween.

It also has to be collapsible – and not dependent on anyone that isn’t a forever child. In EVERY.PART.OF.LIFE. is more complicated when you're a foster parent.2013, I had a great plan! Lady Bug was going to be Merida, carrying a teddy bear to represent one of her triplet bear cub brothers, and the twins were going to be the other two bear cubs. How freaking cute, right?!

Except Lady Bug was reunified with her dad on October 5th… So we were looking at two bear cubs and a teddy bear… Not great.

I had to scramble a bit at the last minute, but ended up finding these adorable little monsters.

Last year I really left it to the last minute. There was so much going on with trying to get Squirm’s adoption finalized that I just didn’t start planning in time. We ended up with going with a pirate theme, with Lil Bit doing a cameo as a shark.

Halloween 2014So that brings us to this year. Obviously, I know my three boys will be here. Even though Lil Bit’s adoption isn’t quite finalized, he’s not going anywhere.

We expect that Miss Fussypants will still be in residence, but we can’t be certain. And even though we don’t currently have open beds, you can never rule out a new placement.

I considered Wizard of Oz, with Miss Fussypants as Dorothy. But if she leaves – we’d have a lion, scarecrow, and tinman. Not terrible, but kinda lame.

Last year I thought about doing garden gnomes, and I might go with that this year – you can never have too many garden gnomes, right?

We could go with Super Mario Brothers, but Lil Bit would have to be a flying turtle or a Venus Flytrap…

Crayons and M&Ms are always safe, but kinda tired.

The Three Musketeers won’t work, because – well, there’s four of them….

At this point, I think I’m leaning towards Ghostbusters, provided I can find an infant Slimer costume that won’t require a thrid mortgage…

What do you think? Has your family started planning for Halloween yet? Do you do themed/coordinating costumes?

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  1. Priscilla Mumea

    I have been pondering this very thing. We have two elementary-aged boys and a toddler girl, but should be licensed foster parents by mid-october, so who knows if we will have other children in the house by then.

    1. Jamie Nestrick (Post author)

      One of the options I considered is Minions. With that we could have as many or as few as necessary….

      1. Priscilla Mumea

        Haha, my kids would all fight over being “Bob”. Last year I considered Star Wars, but I didn’t like any of the female options for my daughter. I ended up going all different directions instead of a theme.

  2. thebeautifulopportunity

    My two foster kids are older, so I’ve been thinking more about avoiding triggers such as fear of the dark and fear of blood (oh those scary costumes!).

    But maybe it would be a good bonding experience with my bio and adoptive kids if we all had a theme. Worth thinking about.
    thebeautifulopportunity recently posted…Guilty of Child AbuseMy Profile


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