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#AdoptionTalk: Our Adoption Story – The Sequel

Sooo… as promised, here is the long-awaited Rest. of the Story.

I’m going to rewind a little and give you some of the back-story, in case you’re a newer reader, or just don’t remember everything you’ve ever, ever read.

So, basically, I’ve wanted to be a foster parent since I was 8 years old (if you’d like, you can read about why here).

Also, even aside from that, I’m adopted, so I always felt like I would want to check into adoption someday.

Strangely enough, these two pieces of information didn’t manage to intertwine in my head and heart until I discovered that I’m infertile and that SuperDad and I have essentially *zero* chance of conceiving without advanced assisted-reproductive technology.

So, that’s how we got started on this road. SuperDad and I both envisioned little girls, but…. Thank God He had other plans.

matched setAt any rate, we ended up with with a matched set. And two weeks ago I promised you the second half of our adoption story.

Well, get comfy. Because when I say second half, it’s only in the sense that Squirm is the second half of the set. The road to his adoption was very bumpy and definitely more than half of the journey. (more…)