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Reunification is the GOAL

Reunification is the GOALIn case you or someone you know needs to be reminded, I’ll say it again: Reunification is the GOAL.

I know it’s a foreign concept to people outside “the system.” And sometimes it’s easy for a foster parent to forget.

When you foster a child, the plan is to give them back.

And not because of parents’ rights, and not because the system is broken, and not because people are lazy or don’t do their jobs or don’t care about the kids.

Reunification is the goal, because study after study, statistic after statistic, have shown that children who remain with their birth parents fare better than those who don’t.

That’s why, regardless of who can provide better opportunities, or who has a better job or lives in a better neighborhood, or who has made more sacrifices or attended more doctor appointments, whenever it can be done safely, reunification is the goal.

Because when it can be done safely, reunification IS what’s best for the child.

It’s easy to forget because we really do love these children like our own.