This foster mom’s prayer

Lord, you know the life you have planned for my ducklings. Your word says its to be a good life. If they will not have a good life with their birth parents, please leave them with me. But if it will be good, please give me the grace, wisdom and strength to get out of the way. If the birth parents are doing or hiding anything that should change the outcome, please allow that to be revealed sooner, rather than later.

Please watch over her, after I’m not able to. Please comfort her and don’t let her feel abandoned. Please help her forget that she was ever in foster care. 
Lord, if it is your will for her to go back to them, please help me find peace and acceptance and healing. Grant me the ability to love the next baby with my whole heart, as though it won’t be broken again. Help me to guard against becoming jaded. Help me to remember that just as you were a fisher of men, I must be a savior of starfish.
I know that you love my ducklings at least as much as I do. Please help me to trust that you know what you’re doing.

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