Can I get my child passport without the father?

The only way you can apply for a passport for a minor without the consent of the father is if his name is not on the birth certificate or you can submit evidence of sole legal custody of the child. … Note, minors age 16 and over may not be required to present parental consent when applying for a passport.

How do I get my child’s passport with one parent absent?

If one parent/guardian cannot go with the child to apply for the passport, they can give permission by completing Form DS-3053 “Statement of Consent.” You must submit the completed form with the child’s passport application.

What age can a child get a passport without fathers signature?

All minor children, including newborns and infants, must have their own U.S. passports. All children under age 16 must appear in person with appropriate documentation and with both parents. Parental consent and signatures are mandatory for passport issuance for minors under age 16 and for renewals.

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Do you need fathers permission to get a passport?

A child under the age of 16 must have permission from a person with PR for them. If you are separated but still married, either parent can give permission for a child to have a passport.

Can I get a passport without my parents?

Parental Consent for Teenager’s Passports

Until your child’s 16th birthday, getting a US passport requires the specific consent of both parents. … If one of you can’t go, you’d have to sign and notarize form DS-3053, the official Statement of Consent. For teens age 16 and 17, full parental consent is not required.

Do both parents need to be present for child passport renewal?


Parents or guardians must appear with the child when applying for a passport and must sign the DS-11 form in front of the passport agent. If both parents/guardians are available, both must appear, or one may appear and bring a signed and notarized DS-11 form for the other parent/guardian.

Can one parent apply for a child’s passport Canada?

All Canadian children, from newborns to age 16, require a passport to travel. Only a parent with legal custody of a child may apply for that child’s passport, although both parents must sign the application form.

What happens if one parent refuses to sign the passport?

If a parent refuses to sign a passport application, there aren’t any forms you can fill out to get around it. The law is clear and is designed to protect against international parental child abduction. You will have to pursue legal action and obtain the legal right to obtain [and hold] a passport for your child.

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Does a child’s passport have parents names on it?

A parent or legal guardian may sign the passport if the child is too young to sign his or her own name. To do so, a parent or legal guardian must print the child’s name and sign his or her own name in the space provided for the signature.

What is the cost of a US passport for a child?

My child is under 16 and I’m applying for his or her passport

Product Form Application Fee
Passport Book DS-11 $80
Passport Card DS-11 $15
Passport Book & Card DS-11 $95

Does a mother need fathers permission to take child abroad?

If both parents have parental responsibility, and there are no child arrangements orders or any restrictions in place, then neither of you can take the child abroad without the written consent of the other person with parental responsibility. … This is the same for a mother, who alone has parental responsibility.

Can I take my child on holiday without dads permission?

If both parents have Parental Responsibility then neither parent can take the child abroad without consent, unless: There is a Child Arrangement Order specifying that the child should live with one parent. … There is an order from the court granting permission for the child to be taken abroad.

Can one parent take child out of country?

In order to be granted a passport, the US State Department requires all children under the age of 16 to have permission from both parents. … Parents with sole custody are granted permission to travel out of country with their children without permission from the child’s other parent.

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Can a 18 year old get a passport without parents?

Answer: No, parents are not required to appear with a child age 18 and over. No, you cannot mail your applications together. The reason is that your child must apply for a new passport using Form DS-11. … You can apply for renewals using Form DS-82.

Can my 17 year old get a passport without parents?

Minors ages 16-17 with their own identification can apply for a passport by themselves. However, Passport Services does recommend that at least one parent appear in person with the minor to identify him/her and to show parental awareness.