What does Baby Grace smell like?

Our version of Philosophy’s Baby Grace fragrance is modeled after the original, a pretty and soft powdery musk that’s clean and relaxing. A light and subtle blend of poppy, pink mimosa, pepper, creamy white woods and musk. … This perfume is classified as a Floral.

What does Baby Grace by Philosophy smell like?

Violets, powder, slightly clean white musk. Baby Grace comes tantalisingly close to the as yet un-recreated scent of a freshly washed plump infant in a dreft washed terry nappy and new babygro. Cotton hot off the press is the only way to describe it.

What does giving grace smell like?

It smells like a musky floral with no particular notes sticking out more than others.

Is Philosophy Baby Grace discontinued?

Details about PHILOSOPHY Huge Size Baby Grace Shampoo Bath Shower Gel Pump 32oz -DISCONTINUED.

Is there a perfume that smells like baby powder?

Demeter 1oz Cologne Spray – Baby Powder.

What does Amazing Grace perfume smell like?

Amazing Grace fragrance for women is an uniquely feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms accented by a hint of light musk. I am not sure what to make of this – I couldnt find the official notes listing, but it smells like a decent blend of floral notes with a base of musk.

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What does philosophy falling in love smell like?

a delicious, sparkling berry scent, falling in love eau de toilette is a sensual fragrance created to embrace a woman’s romantic side. sun-ripened blackberry captivates the senses, smooth, sparkling jasmine inspires romance and vanilla melts deliciously over your skin.

Did philosophy discontinue loveswept?

LOVESWEPT is a wonderful, light fragrance that doesn’t evaporate quickly and remains a romantic scent throughout the day. … I’m so disappointed that LOVESWEPT is being discontinued!

Does Chanel No 5 smell like baby powder?

Released in the early 1920s, Chanel No. 5 is one of the first complex fragrances in the world, having a total of over 80 scents. Its powdery, aldehydic scent has that soapy, fresh feel that baby powder has, too, but its elegance comes from the bouquet of florals like rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

What perfume smells like you just showered?

CLEAN Air Eau de Parfum

Clean is a light, beautiful fragrance that leaves you smelling like you just took a shower on a crisp spring day – you know, perked up and poised for success.

How do I smell like a baby all day?

Johnsons baby soft lotion – this baby powder scented lotion has the same scent as the baby soft wash, it makes you so soft and silky and is perfect to layer with any of the above fragrances, helping your scent to last all day.