You asked: How do you play baby shower games?

How many games should you play at a baby shower?

A typical baby shower lasts about 2-3 hours. As guests arrive, they are offered food and drinks and they mingle. Once all of the guests have arrived and had a chance to enjoy food and drink, about 30-45 minutes into the shower, the games begin. There are usually 3-5 different games lasting for another 30-45 minutes.

Does the mom to be play the baby shower games?

I am giving my daughter a baby shower and I have a question, when guests win a prize are they suppose to give it to the mom-to-be at the end of the baby shower? A: Generally, the prizes that are won during the games are given to the winner of the game.

How do you play the diaper game at the baby shower?

Dirty Diaper Game Instructions

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Before your baby shower begins, open all the diapers and place 1 piece of each candy bar into the diaper. Place each diaper into the microwave for about 20 seconds or until the candy bar melts. Once the candy bar is melted, smoosh the contents around inside the diaper!

How do you throw a virtual baby shower that’s really fun?

9 Steps for Hosting the Perfect Virtual Baby Shower

  1. Understand Mom-to-Be’s Expectations. …
  2. Select and Test an Online Meeting Platform. …
  3. Send Out Digital Invitations. …
  4. Include Links to Online Baby Registry. …
  5. Don’t forget Decorations and Food. …
  6. Plan Games. …
  7. Have Prizes and Party Favors. …
  8. Prepare for Opening Gifts.

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What are some good prizes for baby shower games?

More Inexpensive Baby Shower Game Prizes

  • Gift Certificates from a cute little boutique, coffee shop or book store.
  • Baby Shower Candles.
  • Lotions.
  • A Picture Frame.
  • A Recipe Box.
  • A Cool Mug From Starbucks.
  • Potted Plants.
  • Tea Cup, Saucer and Tea Bags.

What makes a baby shower fun?

Here are some tips and tricks to actually having fun at your own shower.

  • Make it co-ed. …
  • Hold a separate one for friends and for relatives. …
  • Make it three hours—max. …
  • Serve lots of alcohol. …
  • Make an anonymous tip box labelled “unsolicited advice” …
  • Pick a convenient location. …
  • Buy yourself a new outfit for the occasion.

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Who pays for a baby shower?

The hostess traditionally pays for the baby shower and its associated costs. However, the hostess can divide up the responsibility and costs by asking a few close family members or friends to co-host. This helps to reduce the overall expense and alleviates some of the financial obligation of hosting a baby shower.

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How do you make a baby shower not awkward?

10 Easy Ways to Make Virtual Baby Showers Less Awkward

  1. Consider your guest list. Just like real life, the energy of your party will change depending on how many people are invited. …
  2. Have a host. …
  3. Keep it short and sweet. …
  4. Give yourselves something to do. …
  5. Go beyond the standard guest list. …
  6. Dress to impress. …
  7. Test your tech. …
  8. Use an accessible platform.

How do you play don’t say baby game?

You Don’t Say, Baby!

Give each guest a diaper pin to pin onto her shirt when she arrives at the shower. When you’re ready to begin the game, tell everyone they aren’t allowed to say the word “baby,” or they will forfeit their pin to the person who catches the mistake.

What did Dad say baby shower?

At the baby shower, give everyone a pen and a game card and let them guess how many questions mommy will get right. Then have mommy guess what daddy said. Your guests can guess along as she tries to guess dad’s answers. The winner is the person who had the most number of right answers.

What are the best foods to serve at a baby shower?

“People typically graze during baby showers and eat tiny finger foods rather than hot meals,” Camp says.


  • A variety of cheeses (just make sure they’re all pasteurized)
  • Crudités.
  • Dips and jams.
  • Grapes, berries and dry fruit.
  • Pickles.
  • Olives.
  • Breadsticks, gluten-free crackers and sliced baguettes.

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Do fathers attend baby showers?

While traditional baby showers consist of women only, co-ed baby showers are becoming more and more common. However, if you’re looking to throw a traditional baby shower and still have the dad-to-be attend, this is completely acceptable and appropriate as most dad-to-be’s will want to thank guests before they leave.

How long is a virtual baby shower?

In-person showers generally last three to four hours, but virtual baby showers should only go on for about an hour to an hour and a half, says Carter.

What are some virtual baby shower games?

In this time of social distancing, some expecting parents are moving their would-be in-person baby showers online.

Online Games for Virtual Baby Showers

  • Get your (virtual) crayons ready! …
  • Much like, is totally free. …
  • Jackbox: Meet the king of virtual party games.

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How much does a virtual baby shower cost?

For under $80 (cheaper than the average in-person shower), WebBabyShower offers an all-in-one place for all your baby shower needs, including a customizable site and unlimited invitations (keep in mind that too many guests can get chaotic on video chat, so we recommend keeping it to a manageable number), a virtual …